The Association for Livestock Guarding Dogs (LGD-CH) is accredited by the federal government with the breeding and education of the two recognised LGD breeds Pastore Abruzzese and Montagne des Pyrénées until the end of 2022. Our performance breeding is based on the provisions of the guidelines for herd protection and is compensated by the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN within the framework of a performance mandate. Dogs resulting from this performance breeding are examined by the LGD Specialist Service and after passing a test they are registered in the national database as official LGDs.

Due to their official registration, LGDs can be deployed in accordance with the federal ordinance on hunting, namely, to fend off foreign animals from the herd. In case of an incident, the intended purpose of LGDs must be considered when assessing the responsibility of the LGD owner (federal ordonnance on animal protection).

The breeders of the recognised LGD breeds plan the performance breeding at regular meetings. These meetings are organised and lead by the respective breed wardens. The cynological advisory board examines this planning.