About us

LGD-CH consists of about 150 members (as of January 2020), who hold, educate and breed LGDs in the four language regions of Switzerland. Of these, 30 are breeders.

The committee currently consists of the president Ueli Pfister and the committee members Fredi Bernet, Jürg Haller, Urban Lanker, Stefan Sprunger, Florian Wenger and Martin von Wyl. The committee manages the association and is responsible for the implementation and execution of the decisions of the general assembly.

The board members have the following responsibilities:

Ueli Pfister                   president
Florian Wenger           vice president and contact person for French-speaking Switzerland
Fredi Bernet                 breed warden Pastore Abruzzese
Jürg Haller                   breed warden Montagne des Pyrénées
Urban Lanker              communication and newsletter
Stefan Sprunger           organisation of farm visits in various regions
Martin von Wyl            contact person for Ticino and Italian-speaking Grisons

Breed Wardens
The breed wardens of the two recognised breeds Pastore Abruzzese and Montagne des Pyrénées are responsible for planning the breeding and organising the respective breeders’ meetings.

Head Office
The head office is managed by Caroline Nienhuis (caroline.nienhuis[at]hsh-ch[dot]ch).