LGD-CH selects livestock guarding dogs (LGD) for performance breeding from its dog population. These LGDs must meet certain performance criteria. The criteria are defined within the framework of the breeding dog tests. The corresponding data is registered in the association’s database. In order to maintain a sufficiently high genetic variability within the dog population, LGDs can be mated abroad or puppies can be imported. Mating within the dog population is in accordance with the performance criteria and is planned at the breeders’ meetings of the two recognised breeds. The offspring is obligatorily and consistently reviewed according to the requirements of a test. This test examines the LGD’s working ability with livestock, its good-naturedness outside the herd, i.e. outside its working environment, and its readiness to cooperate with its owner. The test is carried out by the LGD Specialist Service. LGD-CH has access to the data.